Sharing and permissions

Metamaps are easy to share - in fact, they're designed for it!

Anyone may view your maps at the URL shown in the address bar, if they are set to Commons or Public permission. Maps should be visible to mobile users as well, although some functionality is not yet available on touchscreen devices.

You can download and save digital snapshots of any map by clicking on the camera iris icon at lower right, and then clicking the download link provided.

Think of each map, as well as individual topics, as having 'view' and 'edit' privileges. Anyone can view a map by accessing the URL (, unless it is set to Private. Any signed in user may edit, if it is set to Commons.

Map permission settings can be changed on the map info card. Click on the "i" icon in the lower right corner of the map, and locate the current permission signifier (CO/PU/PR). Click on this to select an alternative.

Adding collaborators to your maps

There is another option to grant editing privileges to specific users without making your map open to editing by all using the Commons permission. Open the map info box on any map of which you are the creator, and choose either the Public or Private permission option.

Click on your avatar image on the left side of the info box to access a dropdown menu to manage map collaborators. You should see a prompt to "add a collaborator!" where you can do just that by entering the user name of additional mappers you would like to grant editing privileges, or the ability to view and edit if the map is set to private.

Introducing new mappers

You may invite new mappers to set up an account on the platform by going to your account menu (top right corner when signed in), and copying the invite link that is provided. Please help to orient them on their way into our community by pointing out important reference docs (like this one!) and perhaps arranging for a live Junto session to show them around and get them up to speed.

The user community is an essential part of Metamaps as the platform continues to evolve and improve. As with any endeavor based around a shared 'commons' resource, it's important to cultivate a sense of trust, good will, and accountability among all. Please be thoughtful in the ways that you would like to see our community grow, creating value for others down the road.

We want Metamaps to become a richly collaborative, social environment. Please feel free to share your work and ideas on social media and other platforms where your peers may take an interest!

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